Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flora Fauna

Go buy some posters from Local Designer Paul Gardner at Flora Fauna today. I love all five of these.


  1. Dude, I know your blog carries weight in the local scene so you should know that this guy has been busted 3 times now for blatantly ripping off designs from other currently working artists and designers and claiming them as his own original work. He has even admited to it when cornered. If you care about design as much as I think you do, do not support this thieving hack. I can point you to evidence if you'd like.

  2. Tenebrini, I'd like to comment on your whistle-blowing.

    Put it to rest, or do better.

    Along-side every florafana feature that pops up are your comments claiming that this outfit is some sort of practitioner of plagiarism. However, as I look at this "evidence", what I see are a few examples of lazy design. If you're attempting to position yourself as a policeman of the rock poster world, then do better. There is work coming out on a consistent basis, which boasts offenses of a much greater severity. I don't see your posts anywhere near these releases. If you're attempting to settle a personal grudge, which is what is becoming obvious, then do it elsewhere, where we all don't have to waste time reading about it. It's old. And it takes away from constructive conversations that could, and should be taking place.