Friday, July 16, 2010

No Brochure Websites Here

The team at Proximity / BBDO Minneapolis has been kicking out much more then the usual brochure websites and banner ads. Our two newest launches are tools for the user to interact with and learn from. They're modular and constantly changing and adapting to what users want and like. The best part is that not only did we concept and design these sites, but they're built 100% in house. We've got one more really big one launching in the next month or two, but until it does check out these two:
basically ffffound for recipes many more options to rate, and post your own
Health and wellness content from more then 100 sources in one convenient location. My wife is a blogger for this one, so you can bet there's some good content.

Also, both sites were designed by Mr. Lorntson.

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