Friday, June 19, 2009

New Rocket Club Poster

I just kicked out a new poster for Rocket Club this week. I love doing posters. I've got one more to do for them in the next few weeks. Good times. I wish I had the budget to do a gold foil in place of the brown on this one.


  1. mmmmmm...

    nice one ap!

  2. Thanks Kevin. BTW, saw this:
    Jamie said you did it. Nice work sir. Love the blaze pink ink.

  3. Thanks man – it was for my wife's acupuncture business. I love hearing the comments of 'make logo bigger' and 'what if we add ....' coming from my sweet lady. It was still fun though.

    The friday night bike gang is going to start soon, I should be getting my upgrade Rossin single speed in about a week or two. We'll let you know when it's on. We get the shirt press later this week too, so we can make some shirts and bandanas to sport our gang colors.